Benefactors support the EADPP financially and as such are important partners for the EADPP to achieve its goals.

The below listed individuals and organisations have already given their support, for which the EADPP Board wishes to express its appreciation:

Ardi Kolah
EADPP Professional Benefactor
Ardi Kolah

Ardi is a subject matter expert for all data protection advice across Hitachi Consulting. He’s responsible for the continuation of the Group’s GDPR compliance program across Europe and helped to lead Hitachi’s application for BS10012:2017.  Ardi is also leading as a privacy consultant on a major data protection project for the National Breast Screening Service (NBSS) on behalf of Public Health England, has been appointed to the Advisory Council of the Digital Marketing Institute of USA, and is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Data Protection & Privacy.

Ardi graduated from King’s College London and University College London with a Masters Degree (LLM) in international law and is an Executive Fellow of Henley Business School.
Telephone: +44 (0)208 542 8786
Sector(s) served:
Market(s) served: UK
Dézavelle-Livowsky & Associés
EADPP Professional Benefactor

DPO-Avocats, the Legal Department of Dézavelle-Livowsky Law Firm, provides clients with more than ten years of experience in the field of personal data protection and IT security. In 2018, two new entities have joined DPO-Avocats, namely: DPO-Experts and Privacy Impact.

DPO-Experts allows you to fill the role of a DPO using an external service provider. Outsourcing your DPO requirements helps you avoid the challenges and expense of recruiting a full-time employee.
Privacy Impact supports you in the field of Privacy Impact Assessment, Information security audits and GDPR Compliance.

Up to now, DPO-Avocats has the largest number of Data Protection Officer appointments on behalf of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL).

Our Data Protection team consists of skilled senior and junior lawyers and consultants specialized in data protection Laws and Regulations, risk management, Information security, Blockchain as well as business providing a tailor-made service adapted to small, medium and large companies, organizations and associations.

Our services consist of Outsourced DPO, EU Representative, Data Protection Consulting and Assistance, Security and Data Protection Trainings. Our Data Protection support is based on recognized legal, technical and organizational skills.

Telephone: +33 1 4227 7349
Sector(s) served:
Market(s) served: France
EADPP International Benefactor
Idka is a collaborative platform for communication, sharing and integrated cloud storage, where privacy comes first. Idka answers to the growing need for a safe space online where organizations, groups, and families can connect, collaborate, share and store documents, photos and files – all on one platform – while keeping their privacy intact.

Idka is a collaborative platform for communication, sharing and integrated cloud storage, where privacy comes first. Idka answers to the growing need for a safe space online where organizations, groups, and families can connect, collaborate, share and store documents, photos and files – all on one platform – while keeping their privacy intact. Idka is subscription-based, function-rich, fully integrated, and free from the ads, trolls, fake news, and algorithms that are so pervasive in our digital world.

As legislation demanding transparency in data collection is here and spreading worldwide, and global awareness and disdain for Surveillance Capitalism is on the rise, the demand for services that respect users’ privacy will only increase, and Idka has the solution for collaboration and communication.

The Idka team combines leadership and deep experience in technology, human rights, media, marketing-communications, and business development.


Market(s) served: Global
EADPP Company Benefactor
Cyberbedreigingen zijn aan de orde van de dag. Veel komt voort uit onwetend en naïef gedrag. Dat kan anders, dat moet anders. NNextSecure helpt uw organisatie:

– financiële schade en reputatieschade te voorkomen
– haar zakelijke kroonjuwelen te beschermen
– te voldoen aan (inter)nationale regelgeving
– om Cyber Responsible te zijn.
Website: NNextSecure
Telephone: +31 (0) 36 767 65 64
Sector(s) served:
Market(s) served: Netherlands
EADPP Company Benefactor

Sforza is an information and advice organisation active in the domain of health and humanity. We strongly believe that with our expertise and product offering, we can contribute in a positive way to improving the quality of life. We are committed to doing the best we can, day in day out, to make a difference.
Our staff is made up of specialists in different areas of expertise, experienced in the fields of ERP, CRM, Infrastructure and Security. We offer strategic advice which we know how to translate, with respect for human values, into tactical plans, defining a process of concrete operational activities and supporting their implementation.
These days, fast result is in high demand. Everyone expects assistance to be immediate and immediately effective, which puts added pressure on the drive to optimise, automate and digitise internal processes and procedures. Sforza knows how to support organisations with the right software in a project-based, structured way and proactively respond to the demands of dynamic, knowledge-intensive environments. Operating from our core competencies in ERP, CRM, Infrastructure and Security, we motivate and encourage each other to continually expand on our expertise and skills. We have years of experience in multiple markets, specifically Healthcare, Utilities, Food, Life Sciences, Medical Technology and Sports.

Telephone: +31(0)85 068 55 61
Market(s) served: Belgium, Netherlands
The Privacy Factory
EADPP Company Benefactor
The Privacy Factory is a training institute (online/offline) offering GDPR-related courses and tools ranging from a full-fledged DPO Training and Privacy Awareness Training for employees to a GDPR implementation management software tool.

Since 2014, we have trained over 300 highly educated professionals from various backgrounds and careers to business privacy professionals. It makes us a true “People-Expertise-Tools” organisation.

– People, because our role does not end with the certification of our students. It extends beyond the training we provide, to supporting our privacy consultants in starting new careers and engaging in new assignments.

– Expertise, because in 6 months’ time we train our students to become independently operating privacy professionals. We do this by using a unique GDPR training and implementation methodology, specifically developed for the purpose by TPF itself.

– Tools, because to support our privacy professionals during their training and in the course of their new careers, we provide them with a proprietary set of tools, allowing for the scheduling of privacy activities, documenting the implementation of privacy measures and monitoring the status of privacy accountability.

Since 2014 this integrated approach has helped 250+ organisations in The Netherlands and other European countries to ensure GDPR compliance.
Telephone: +31 (0)20 2420109
Sector(s) served:
Market(s) served: Europe, Netherlands
EADPP Personal Benefactor

Valentina Remonato

Valentina is a European lawyer registered in the Bar Association of Brescia (Italy). She is working in the private law field, specifically the personal data protection regulation as a legal advisor of companies and professional firms.
In November 2018, she obtained the ECPC-B Professional DPO Certification from the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity, Maastricht University. Valentina has a Master’s Degree from University of Trento (European and Transnational Course, Law faculty, LLM). Before graduating in 2014, she was a collaborator of the Corriere del Trentino (RCS Media Group), writing hundreds of newspaper articles. She studied in London, Sidney and at the Free University of Berlin. While her native language is Italian, she speaks fluent English and Spanish.

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