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The Privacy Factory
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The Privacy Factory is a training institute (online/offline) offering GDPR-related courses and tools ranging from a full-fledged DPO Training and Privacy Awareness Training for employees to a GDPR implementation management software tool.

Since 2014, we have trained over 300 highly educated professionals from various backgrounds and careers to business privacy professionals. It makes us a true “People-Expertise-Tools” organisation.

– People, because our role does not end with the certification of our students. It extends beyond the training we provide, to supporting our privacy consultants in starting new careers and engaging in new assignments.

– Expertise, because in 6 months’ time we train our students to become independently operating privacy professionals. We do this by using a unique GDPR training and implementation methodology, specifically developed for the purpose by TPF itself.

– Tools, because to support our privacy professionals during their training and in the course of their new careers, we provide them with a proprietary set of tools, allowing for the scheduling of privacy activities, documenting the implementation of privacy measures and monitoring the status of privacy accountability.

Since 2014 this integrated approach has helped 250+ organisations in The Netherlands and other European countries to ensure GDPR compliance.
Telephone: +31 (0)20 2420109
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Market(s) served: Europe, Netherlands
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