Sports & Recreation

EADPP Company Benefactor

Sforza is an information and advice organisation active in the domain of health and humanity. We strongly believe that with our expertise and product offering, we can contribute in a positive way to improving the quality of life. We are committed to doing the best we can, day in day out, to make a difference.
Our staff is made up of specialists in different areas of expertise, experienced in the fields of ERP, CRM, Infrastructure and Security. We offer strategic advice which we know how to translate, with respect for human values, into tactical plans, defining a process of concrete operational activities and supporting their implementation.
These days, fast result is in high demand. Everyone expects assistance to be immediate and immediately effective, which puts added pressure on the drive to optimise, automate and digitise internal processes and procedures. Sforza knows how to support organisations with the right software in a project-based, structured way and proactively respond to the demands of dynamic, knowledge-intensive environments. Operating from our core competencies in ERP, CRM, Infrastructure and Security, we motivate and encourage each other to continually expand on our expertise and skills. We have years of experience in multiple markets, specifically Healthcare, Utilities, Food, Life Sciences, Medical Technology and Sports.

Telephone: +31(0)85 068 55 61
Market(s) served: Belgium, Netherlands
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