EADPP – Launch of the European association for data protection professionals

EADPP – Launch of the European association for data protection professionals

High time for a European trade association of, for and by data protection professionals. Which is exactly what we want the European Association of Data Protection Professionals (EADPP) to be.” These are the words of Marc Vrijhof, chairman of the EADPP which is in the process of being set up. “This broadly supported initiative, taken by Romeo Kadir and myself,” he adds, “is primarily aimed at representing the interests of data protection professionals throughout Europe and working closely together with organisations active in the field of personal data protection.”

EADPP launch
The EADPP will officially be launched in the Dutch city of Utrecht on November 29, during a knowledge meeting which will be attended by more than 150 data protection professionals. It will be an occasion of major significance for the European data protection community. “With the introduction of the EADPP, professionals in the field of privacy protection can now, from a position of independence, give true substance to the roles assigned to them by the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation,” says co-founder Romeo Kadir.

The need for clarity
“The GDPR is a framework legislation, assigning responsibility for compliance to organisations processing personal data. This calls for consciousness and expertise on the part of such organisations,” Vrijhof explains. “The very nature of the GDPR, in this framework sense, means that it does not explicitly states how compliance is to be implemented. There is ambiguity as to the practical application. And what is true for compliance, is even more true for accountability.”

”To provide the much-needed clarity on how the GDPR is to be practically implemented in data processing organisations, it is essential for data protection professionals to be involved in specifying the meaning of the concept of ‘conscious expertise’. If only because data protection professionals, from their position of independence, will have to interface with organisations like the EDPB, by the European Data Protection Board.”

Clear objectives
There is no ambiguity about the central objective of the EADPP. “Its key goal is to represent the interests of European data protection professionals, and the first order of business will be to establish, as soon as possible, an independent European system of certification for data protection professionals.”

In the course of 2019 the EADPP will also be working toward a European-wide roll-out of its organisational reach, aimed at the eventual formation of separate departments for each of the countries within the European Economic Area, promoting the exchange of experience and expertise at periodic knowledge meetings and at the annual EADPP conference.

“Obviously,” Vrijhof says, “this will be a non-profit organisation. What we envisage, is a professional association of, for and by data protection professionals.”

The more data protection professionals are involved in the new EADPP, the bigger its influence on further developing the privacy field of expertise. So, for more information or to register in advance for free 2019 EADPP membership, please go to www.eadpp.eu/members

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