European Association of Data Protection Professionals Launches 2nd Edition of Catalog of Data Protection Technology Solutions

EADPP catalogBrussels, September 25. EADPP announced today the launch of the 2nd edition of its Catalog of Data Protection Technology Solutions. The Catalog is a non-commercial educational project that provides essential information and resources to promote General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and facilitate privacy-preserved data sharing.

The Catalog showcases a diverse range of technology solutions that address the ever-evolving needs of organizations in protecting personal data and complying with GDPR. It is organized by the specific aspects of data protection that the tools address, and the user pain points they aim to resolve.
"EADPP is delighted to announce the launch of the second edition of the Catalog of Data Protection Technology Solutions," said Jaik Dekker, the EADPP Chair. "We are confident that that this resource will play a vital role in advancing GDPR compliance and data privacy best practices in Europe and beyond."

Key highlights of the Catalog 2nd edition

  • Extended Solutions Database: new participants
  • Geographical extension of Participation: to the existing "Solutions from the European Economic Area" a new part "Countries with adequacy decisions" has been added. This inclusive approach promotes collaboration and the exchange of global expertise in data protection.

EADPP is committed to ensuring the Catalog remains current and relevant. Regular updates are planned, with the next edition scheduled for release in December this year.
"Our aspirations are to build a comprehensive register of privacy friendly tools and to become a major reference point for organizations looking for automation of their processes and procedures," said Irina Klokova, the Catalog Project Coordinator at EADPP. "The Catalog will provide organizations with advanced overview of the available technology solutions, helping them to identify the right tools to meet their specific needs and automate their data protection processes."

The Catalog is published on the newly launched Knowledge sharing portal by the EADPP: visit  and on the EADPP website.

To learn more or to participate in the project, contact the EADPP at