The General Assembly was held on Friday 25 March 2022 as a hybrid meeting in Brussels.

The agenda contained the following items:

  1. Opening 
  2. Progress update by Transition Board 
  3. Approval of financial report 2020 and 2021
  4. Approval of proposed Certification Program and next steps
  5. Approval of Strategic Direction EADPP
  6. Approval of Organisational alignment 
  7. Approval of AoA Amendments 
  8. Election of Executive Board and Volunteers 
  9. Closing remarks 

During this assembly we appointed a new committee and board members.

For a more detailed description of each role, the duties and responsibilities, they are delineated in the EADPP bylaws and house rules, which may be accessed at

The following board positions are eligible for direct election:

  1. Chair            
  2. Secretary    
  3. Treasurer     

The following board members were elected:

  • Chair - Jaik Dekker
  • Secretary - Irina Klokova
  • Treasurer - Domini Pauly
  • Anastasios Malisagkos
  • Bård Kirkeeng
  • Carole Njoya
  • Dimos Kostoulas
  • Jochem van de Berg
  • Katia Bodard
  • Konstantinos Ntzamilis
  • Olga Tsiptse
  • Patricia del Carmen
  • Sofia Tsiptse