What do all EADPP Catalog Project participants have in common?


We have a diverse range of tools represented in the Catalog of data protection technology solutions. The solutions providers are based in different European countries, have different offers. But what do companies participating in the EADPP Catalog project have in common? The most obvious answer is that all of them respect GDPR and use its principles to build their solutions. 
However, it is not the only thing they share. All vendors included in the Catalog strongly believe that the market needs a dedicated portal where different data protection technology providers can educate users and present their solutions and where buyers/users can share their experiences.
These are some thoughts from Catalog participants regarding such a virtual space and why it can be useful for the community:

1. For Knowledge sharing

"Our market is still in nascent phase and most organizations are not aware of the software tools that are available in the market to help them".
Dražen Oreščanin, Board member for business development Legit Software 

"...in the past we tried to get a view and understanding of the marketplace, but it is very hard to find the proper solutions. ...there are several initiatives funded by the EC, that also happen unnoticed". 
Frederik Rosseel, Docbyte

"Many actors are spending a lot of time trying to standardize their technology and solutions, and not enough time actually educating real users. Creating such a platform could help buyers/users ...read more about the risks and the solutions, while being able to find relevant data from actual experts."
Zaccherini Jérémy, Marketing director Zama

"...the new data protection technologies are still unknown to both service providers and consumers. It is important to allow everyone to understand that new approaches are possible".
Lebeau Frederic, Datavillage 

"We often find ccustomers unaware of the existence of technologies solving their problems. It also happens frequently that they have hard times and spend significant time finding and comparing solutions"
Łukasz Bonczol, Gallio PRO

"...we believe that this can be a good opportunity for us to educate users about the advantages of responsible data management through effective GDPR compliance for themselves as well as for the European digital ecosystem and to gain insights into users' needs when developing additional functionalities".
Sabine Mersch, managing director The Privacy Office.

2. To Help in decision making

"... Such a platform can provide a central hub for individuals and organizations to access valuable information about the latest data protection technologies and solutions available in the market. Moreover, this platform can be an excellent resource for buyers/users to compare and contrast different data protection technologies and make informed decisions about which solutions are best suited for their specific needs". 
Christos Makedonas, Co-Founder and Director Enactia Ltd

"it is often difficult to find the right company for the right person. Everybody has different needs for their organization ... We are really invested in our clients and personal co-creation is one of our benefits".
Marc Tielemans, Founder RealCGR

" ... It could enable users to learn about different products, compare features and functionalities, and make informed decisions based on their specific needs. It would allow buyers and users to share their experiences (and foster a sense of community), providing valuable insights and real-world feedback that could help other people's decision-making."
Geoffrey Ceunen, Privacy Tech Consultant RESPONSUM

"...The various software solutions provide their own unique selling points and benefits to customers, this means that certain solutions provide greater assistance to certain clients, industries, and jurisdictions. So, by creating a more informed client, a better match of software to the client is achieved. This ensures more compliant processing which will benefit the data subject".
Nollag Conneely, Head of Consultancy Privacy Engine

3.  For new ideas and innovations

"It creates a space for vendors, buyers, and users to exchange experiences, learn from each other, and stay updated on the latest advancements in data protection. Such a platform fosters collaboration, transparency, and innovation within the industry".
Khalid Boujdaa, Architect & Product Owner of CloudTDMS.com

"... we welcome all platforms and forums where privacy professionals can share experiences and learn from each other, as it accelerates and improves how tools like DPOrganizer are developed and deployed".
Egil Bergenlind, DPOrganizer

"a good way to drive change".
Stine Mangor Tornmark, CEO & Co-founder of Openli

"Privacy laws often have elements that are sujective and depend on context. Having a platform/forum where deatails can be discussed with peers and various scenerios tested with thought experiments, benefits users and vendors alike."

4. To Build a community.

"It can also provide an opportunity for users to share their experiences with different data protection technologies, which can help to build a community of individuals who are passionate about data protection".
Christos Makedonas, Co-Founder and Director Enactia Ltd

"A dedicated platform would help users stay informed about the latest data protection technologies and best practices. It would empower them to make informed decisions, foster innovation in the industry, and create a collaborative community focused on protecting data and privacy".
David Milson, Marketing and Communications Manager Trūata 

To our question if they are ready to invest time to provide knowledge to end-users, all our Catalog project participants answered affirmatively. Here are some of the reactions:

"Yes, we already do that. We even host a community for that exact same purpose".
Stine Mangor Tornmark, CEO & Co-founder of Openli

"Yes, we are ready to invest our time in providing knowledge to end-users. In fact, sharing knowledge helps us also to learn from each other, stay connected with industry challenges, and address the specific needs of end-users. Through webinars, master classes, and articles, we aim to empower users and offer guidance."
Khalid Boujdaa, Architect & Product Owner of CloudTDMS.com

"Astran teams are always ready and available to provide knowledge and information to end users in various forms such as webinars, master classes, and articles. We are capable of generating and presenting information on a wide range of topics, including data privacy, cybersecurity, business, and technology. Whether it's helping users understand complex concepts, providing advice and recommendations, or sharing best practices, we are on board"
Yosra Jarraya , Co-founder & CEO Astran

"At Enactia we are absolutely ready to invest time and provide knowledge to end users in various forms such as webinars, master classes, articles, and any other formats that may be helpful to users seeking information. We consider it very important to share knowledge with other professionals in various topics such as Cybersecurity and Data Protection since knowledge sharing can:

  1. Help to improve the overall quality of work as everyone can learn from one another's expertise, and this can lead to new insights and ideas that may not have been considered before.
  2. Help professionals to keep up with the latest trends and developments in their fields. This can be especially important in fields like Cybersecurity and Data Protection, which are constantly evolving.
  3. Create a sense of community and collaboration within the industry. This can lead to the development of new relationships and partnerships, and ultimately, better outcomes for all.
  4. Lead to increased value for other professional's organization. This is because employees who are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest trends and developments are more likely to be successful in their work, which can ultimately lead to better results for the organization as a whole.
  5. Promote personal and professional growth. By learning from others, professionals can expand their skill sets and become more well-rounded, which can lead to new opportunities and career advancement."

Christos Makedonas, Co-Founder and Director Enactia Ltd

As has been mentioned many of the Catalog Project participants are already actively involved in the privacy communities or building one of their own:

"We currently run a series of webinars and our subject matter experts on privacy matters and big data applications regularly speak at industry events so we would be very happy to contribute". 
David Milson, Marketing and Communications Manager, Trūata 

"Privacy Engine currently hosts free webinars and also engages with representative groups and not-for-profits organisations. Our consultants provide training and instruction to a number of European agencies such as the European Security and Defence College on Data Governance."
Nollag Conneely, Head of Consultancy Privacy Engine

"RealCGR is already invested in organizing community events. On this way we want our clients, stakeholders to know that we are committed to give the right useful information. Even LinkedIn we use for awareness in governance. We often share articles, opinions and blogpost on our website"
Marc Tielemans, Founder RealCGR

"At RESPONSUM we already provide webinars, blog articles, and downloadable resources such as eBooks and infographics..."
Geoffrey Ceunen, Privacy Tech Consultant RESPONSUM

"...From the very beginning GDPR Risk Tracker has also been a promoter of knowledge, good practices, and the "culture" of the GDPR. We organize webinars, trainings, and conferences for everyone interested in the subject of data protection."
Wojciech Grenda, CEO GDPR Risk Tracker sp. z o.o.

So, if you are already convinced by those testimonials of the usefulness of a dedicated virtual space to share knowledge and experiences on data protection matters, you should eagerly anticipate some further announcements from EADPP. In collaboration with the EADPP Catalog Project Participants, InsightZ.io and some other partners, we are working on such a knowledge sharing portal. Very soon we will give you more information.