EADPP Certification for Data Protection Professionals

Become certified and demonstrate your commitment to and your expertise in Data Protection. The EADPP Certification demonstrates rounded excellence as a Data Protection Professional covering not only EU GDPR but also cyber security principles and a general understanding of the technology used to store and process data too. Protecting data is not just about regulation and compliance it must include an understanding of cyber security principles in a world where data is exposed to cyber threats whether it be in the cloud or on-premise.

The syllabus covers

  • GDPR concepts and principles
  • data governance
  • information security
  • privacy risks
  • data protection frameworks
  • cyber security principles
Get EADPP Data Protection certified

The European Association of Data Protection Professionals (EADPP) is a leading organization dedicated to advancing data protection within the EU and beyond. It emphasizes the promotion of ethical practices and upholding privacy rights, serving as a hub for professionals passionate about safeguarding personal data and complying with data protection regulations.

The EADPP sets high data protection standards acting as a bridge between professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders. Advocating for privacy-centric practices to protect individuals and organisations alike.

Benefits of becoming EADPP certified and a member of the EADPP

  • Comprehensive education on data protection laws and regulations.
  • Thorough understanding on implementing data protection beyond purely legal aspects.
  • Assurance to employers that the individual has proven knowledge of data protection with the necessary expertise to ensure the privacy of their customers.
  • Access to a network of peers, providing opportunities to exchange ideas and best practice, collaborate on projects and have your voice heard.

Differentiate yourself with EADPP certification

  • Expertise: A professional with expertise in cybersecurity, policies, and procedures with know-how to create a privacy culture, has a broader range of skills and knowledge than a Data Protection Officer (DPO) focused on compliance.
  • Career prospects: Certified expertise in cybersecurity policies and privacy delivers enhanced career prospects.
  • Risk management: Cybersecurity and data protection are closely related. By understanding data, privacy, processes and cybersecurity risks facing an organization, an EADPP certified Data Protection professional can help develop policies and procedures that are more effective in mitigating risk.
  • Skills: There is a lack of skilled Data Protection Professionals who know how to implement data protection principles in a cyber secure environment. Become part of the solution.

Certification Partners

Partner Privacy Enablers has been appointed to deliver the EADPP approved syllabus and examination content, providing optional training if required. Their partner YouCap delivers the examination and certification process.


The EADPP Data Professional Certification Syllabus (426.9 KB) Download and read the EADPP Data Professional Certification Syllabus pdf.

Candidate handbook

The EADPP Data Professional Certification Handbook (506.7 KB) Download and read the EADPP Data Professional Certification Handbook pdf.


The exam must be completed within a single 2 hour period. It is conducted in English and consists of 40 multiple choice questions of which 28 correct answers are required to pass.

Book the exam

Familiarize yourself with the syllabus content and candidate handbook (download links above). When you feel ready, book and schedule your online exam date to become an EADPP certified Data Protection Professional. Once the exam is booked and paid for you will receive an email from YouCap the exam proctor which includes a link to where you can take the exam.

Your exam fee includes:

  • One online exam
  • Upon successful completion of the exam:
    • An EADPP certificate, valid for three (3) years
    • Certification membership fee, valid for three (3) years
    • Use of the title "EADPP Certified Data Protection Professional"
    • EADPP membership for one (1) year

We look forward to welcoming you as an EADPP Certified Data Protection Professional soon.