About the European Association of Data Protection Professionals


The Association's purpose is to champion and promote the fundamental principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) around the world. The members of our Association are driven by a deep commitment to safeguarding personal data, fostering digital trust, and empowering individuals to exercise their data rights. Through education, advocacy, collaboration, and innovation, we aspire to create a world where data privacy is a universally respected cornerstone of the digital age.

The Association will endeavor to accomplish its objectives by:   

  • raising awareness of the GDPR and its requirements
  • educating individuals about their data rights and how to protect themselves
  • advocating for strong data protection laws and regulations.  This includes working with governments and other stakeholders to develop and implement laws that are in line with the GDPR
  • working with businesses and organizations to help them develop and implement best practices for data protection. This includes providing guidance on how to comply with the GDPR, as well as other data protection laws and regulations
  • promoting research and development in data protection technologies.  This includes supporting the development of new technologies that can help to protect personal data, as well as raising awareness of the risks and challenges posed by new technologies.


The EADPP represents and supports its members in their pivotal role as independent guardians of the GDPR among supervisory authorities, controllers and data subjects.

To this purpose the EADPP has chosen to organise itself based upon the direct representation of its members in the Board.

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of delegations representing the EADPP members of their respective national branches. A delegation consists of a maximum of three appointed members, together representing the number of votes of their branch.


Branches are organised per EEA country and consist of EADPP members residing in that country.
Each branch elects a Chair and a Secretary, and appoints a Delegation to vote on behalf of the branch in the General Assembl


The Board consists of a Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary, nominated by the Delegations and elected by the General Assembly,.