The EADPP represents and supports its members in their pivotal role as independent guardians of the GDPR among supervisory authorities, controllers and data subjects.
To this purpose the EADPP has chosen to organise itself based upon the direct representation of its members in the Board through the Chairs of the Commissions.

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of delegations representing the EADPP members of their respective national branches. A delegation consists of a maximum of three appointed members, together representing the number of votes of their branch.


Branches are organised per EEA country and consist of EADPP members residing in that country.
Each branch elects a Chair and a Secretary, and appoints a Delegation to vote on behalf of the branch in the General Assembly.


A Commission is nominated by the Branch Delegations and elected by the General Assembly. Each Commission Chair has a seat on the EADPP Board and is assigned an area of responsibility: General Affairs, Certification, Communication & Events and Strategy & Policy.


The Board consists of a Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary, nominated by the Delegations and elected by the General Assembly, and of the four Chairs of the Commissions.