EADPP Catalog

Introduction of the Catalog project objectives

The Catalog on Data Protection Technology Solutions, a non-commercial educational project, aims to provide essential information and resources to promote General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and facilitate privacy-preserved data sharing. This pioneering initiative seeks to serve various parties, including Data Protection Officers (DPOs), data protection experts, and internal stakeholders from companies investing in privacy automation solutions.

The Catalog is just one component of a broader project undertaken by EADPP. Alongside the Catalog, the project encompasses the development of a dedicated knowledge sharing platform. This platform provides opportunities for Catalog participants to present how their solutions effectively tackle issues related to data protection, while enabling end-users and buyers to express their experiences and concerns. Stay updated on the launch of the EADPP InsightZ platform by following EADPP LinkedIn page.

Key Highlights of the Project:

  1. Comprehensive Solutions Database: The Ctalog showcases a diverse range of technology solutions that address the ever-evolving needs of organizations in protecting personal data and complying with GDPR.
  2. Regular Updates: EADPP is committed to ensuring the Catalog remains current and relevant. Regular updates are planned, with the next edition scheduled for release in autumn this year.
  3. Global Participation: While the focus is on European providers of GDPR-ready tools, the Catalog encourages the participation of privacy-preserved solutions from around the world. This inclusive approach promotes collaboration and the exchange of global expertise in data protection.
  4. Knowledge-sharing platform

Participation in the Catalog project

We invite technology solution providers to contact EADPP at catalog@eadpp.eu to participate in the next editions of the Catalog. Participating vendors enjoy free inclusion in the European Catalog, provided they invest time in sharing their knowledge and experiences with the data protection community. This way by joining the Catalog project, companies can not only gain visibility, but also contribute to the knowledge-sharing ecosystem, and play a vital role in advancing GDPR compliance and data privacy best practices.

To be included in the European section of the Catalog, vendors must answer all of the following criteria:

  • European company - founded in EEA and predominantly doing business in Europe
  • If the company has a parent or holding company, this company is also based in the European Economic Area
  • At least 2 years since foundation
  • There are no transfers of personal data outside EEA when using the tool
  • Provided solution is relevant to GDPR and processes personal data in the privacy preserved manner

Even if a company does not qualify for inclusion due to its parent organization being based outside the EEA, we still welcome their participation in the community. Also EADDP has plans to introduce a new International Section in the next editions of the Catalog to be able to present privacy technology solutions around the world.

Catalog structure

The Catalog showcases the chosen companies by brief descriptions of their solutions. The organization of the Catalog is determined by categorizing the tools according to the specific aspects of data protection they address, and the user pain points they aim to resolve.

Together, let us build a stronger foundation for data protection, GDPR compliance, and privacy-preserved data sharing in Europe and beyond.