Understanding the relationships between GDPR and NIS2

NIS and the GDPR whilst different, overlap. It is important to understand the relationships between them both and the implications where they overlap.

What do all EADPP Catalog Project participants have in common?

We have a diverse range of tools represented in the Catalog of data protection technology solutions. The solutions providers are based in different European countries, have different offers. But what do companies participating in the EADPP Catalog project

Why it is important to automate processes in data protection? Experts Opinion

We invited data protection solution providers from Europe to participate in the EADPP Catalog project and asked companies to fill out a simple questionnaire...

Data Protection issues from a global perspective

The EADPP Greece branch held their 4th webinar

6th Data Privacy & Protection Conference Greece

This online conference took place on 8 June 2021

Backup and GDPR, what is the relationship?

The EADPP Italy founding members Paola Limatola and Andrea Praitano discuss the relationship between backups, GDPR and EDPB Guidelines,

Solarwinds - a Review

In early 2019, hackers secretly broke into Texas-based SolarWind's systems and added malicious code into the company's software system.

Joint controller because of a simple Facebook Like button

Willy-nilly 'joint controller'. The threshold for qualifying as joint controller - and, as such, sharing actual responsibility for the processing of personal data - is low indeed.

Privacy as a creativity engine

Few people will be aware of the connection between innovation and creativity on the one hand, and protection of personal privacy on the other.

Silicon Valley giants embracing the GDPR?

It looks as if Silicon Valley giants and the European Union are converging on the same general notion of No Trust, No Digital Single Market.